Friday, February 24, 2012

Charlie's 3rd Birthday Party

Charlie turned 3 years old this week!  We had a circus themed party with lots of candy, popcorn, cotton candy, face painting, a photo booth, balloon animals, a pinata, and a train.  He had so much fun that he wouldn't even stop to open his presents!


Everyone that came to help celebrate

Collin and Aunt Taryn

Charlie & Avery

Aunt Becky, Kelli and Avery in the photo booth

Victoria, Jacey and Avery

Victoria, Granny, Charlie, Avery, Collin & Chase

Rusty & Kaylie

Aunt Ash and KK

Aunt Ash and Charlie
Candy/Cupcake Table

Charlie after getting his face painted

Collin enjoying the train rides

Jordan and Charlie

Audrey and Kaylie

Sweet Jacey

Charlie being silly

Kaylie on the train


Avery, Abbie & Jacey

Charlie enjoying popcorn

Collin enjoying some cotton candy

Brice & Brock

Charlie and Collin comparing firemen hats!

Kaylie, Audrey, Rebecca & Me
Happy Birthday Little Man!!!

Kaylin Hope - 10 months old

Kaylin just turned 10 months old.  Still the happiest and easiest baby I've ever been around!  She's still not crawling but she's getting really close.