Monday, December 20, 2010

Charlie - 22 months old

Today our little man is already 22 months old!  I can't believe we'll be celebrating his 2nd birthday in just 2 short months!  The past month has been very busy and just flew by.  He amazes us more and more each day.  He can now count to 6, attempt to sing his ABC's, and he says new words and sentences daily.  We've visited Santa Clause twice in the past week and so far all he'll do is run up and give him five.  It's a start!  Maybe next year he'll be ready to sit in his lap.  We are trying to prepare him for the baby and he tells the baby "goodnight" every night and kisses my stomach.  I just hope he's this sweet once she's actually here.  He's still obsessed with his tractors and it looks like we'll be adding to his collection on Christmas morning (as if we don't have enough already!).  He loves to test our patience but he's getting better at listening to us.  I think he's finally figured out that there are consequences when he doesn't listen.  He's started playing hide & seek more and loves to hide his daddy in the other room and come running to me asking "where's daddy momma"?  It's so cute! 
He is at such a fun age!

This is the picture we used for our Christmas cards this year.  

Charlie & his tractors

Charlie at Chuck E. Cheese

Trying to keep him happy at Toys-R-Us

Carousel at the mall with Uncle Bud

A cold day at the park for Brody's birthday party

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby Update - 16 weeks

We went for our 16 week appt. on 12/13 and the doctor said everything still looks great!  The baby was very active!  Oh and we found out that we are having a GIRL!!  The dr. originally thought it was a girl but sent me back the next day to have a more in-depth ultrasound that confirmed it.  We are super excited!  Her name will be Kailynn Hope (not exactly sure how we'll end up spelling the first name).

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 16 Weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 6 lbs
Maternity Clothes:  Some - Because they are so comfortable!
Gender: It's a GIRL
Movement: I've been feeling little flutters the past week
Sleep: OK
What I miss: Nothing right now
Cravings: Anything sweet
Symptoms: Still having morning sickness but not quite as bad
Best Moment this week: Going to the Dr. and getting to see the baby

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Charlie - 21 months old

Charlie turned 21 months old on Saturday.  His 2nd birthday will be here before we know it.  He is so much fun at this age!  He is still obsessed with anything to do with tractors or "big trucks".  He is starting to love playing with little matchbox cars and my dad built him and Collin a table with a garage and ramps that they can put their cars on.  As long as someone is in the same room with him, he will play with it for hours.  He is getting in a stage where he likes to hide from us.  It's cute but it will also freak you out when he never comes out and you have to actually find him which can take a while.  His vocabulary is expanding daily and he comes home from school each day saying new things.  He's starting to speak in 4 or 5 word sentences so it's really cool to hear what he comes up with.  He's also getting a little bossy.  He loves telling people exactly what they need to do, where they need to sit, and his newest phrase is "Go Away Mom".  I've sucked at taking pictures this past month so here are a few from this past weekend when he was hanging out with Uncle Bud and wanting to do exactly what Bud was doing. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

12 Week Update

We went for our 12 week appt. yesterday and everything looked great!  We heard the heartbeat and saw the baby moving around like crazy!  It was good to be re-assured that everything was ok after waiting 4 weeks.  We were told that we might get to find out if it's a boy or girl at our next appt. which will be Dec. 13th.  I'm super excited and can't wait.  What a great Christmas present that would be!

Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 12 Weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 1 lb
Maternity Clothes: I wore maternity pants for the first time this 
week and they were so much more comfortable.
Gender: Hope to find out on Dec. 13th
Movement: Not yet
Sleep: I'm sleeping pretty good!
What I miss: Not being sick after I eat
Cravings: Mexican food (particularly cheese quesadillas) and pizza
Symptoms: Sickness after I eat
Best Moment this week: Going to the Dr. and getting to see the baby move.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween 2010

We started celebrating Halloween on Friday with the annual Downtown Trunk 'R Treat.  Charlie was so good and had a blast.  Everyone kept commenting on how well behaved he was and how good he listens.  We decided to just let him be "Charlie Brown" this year and since the weather was getting cool we had to do a modified version and Charlie Brown wore pants and a long sleeve shirt.  He was still super cute! 

Me and C
Charlie being sneaky!
Daddy and C
MeMe & Charlie (making his crazy face)   

Charlie was scared to death of the man dressed like an M&M but thought this monster that pulled his head off was hilarious!

We spent Saturday afternoon at our church's annual fall festival with my mom, Chris & Collin.

Charlie & Collin

Afterwards, we went to Chris & Taryn's to walk around their neighborhood.  The kids are still kinda too young to go to random people's houses for candy so we ended up just pulling them in the wagon and watching all the other kids.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Charlie - 20 months

Charlie was officially 20 months old last Wednesday.  Unfortunately, he came down with pink eye so we spent Wednesday - Friday at home (sleeping late and watching cartoons).  The kid is so funny!  He definitely keeps us laughing and on our toes.  He is repeating EVERYTHING!!!  It seems like in just the last 2 months his vocabulary has doubled.  He gets overly excited about tractors, trains, school buses, and airplanes.  He's actually trying to figure out how everything works.  I'll catch him turning his tractor over and trying to "work" on it, or he'll line up all of his trucks on the floor and get so excited when he gets them just right.  We bought him his first tricycle over the weekend and he wakes up in the mornings asking for his "bike".  He's growing up extremely too fast!  We are working on getting him ready for his new baby brother/sister.  He kisses my stomach every night and tells the baby night-night.  He loves saying his prayers before he goes to bed which makes me very happy!  We took him to the fair last week and he absolutely loved the rides and animals (especially the cows).  I wasn't sure how he would do on the rides but he never cried and at worst, got a nervous grin on his face once a few of them started.  We went on 4 different days so I was definitely glad to see the fair leave - but we are looking forward to next year.

Getting all of his tractors lined up perfectly

My nieces Briauna & Jacey with Charlie at the fair

His nervous look when the ride first started

Charlie on the motorcycles at the fair

Collin & Charlie

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

8 Week Baby Update

We had our 2nd ultrasound on Friday and everything went well.  We saw the heartbeat and the baby is measuring 7 weeks, 6 days.  I have been extremely sick the last few weeks so I'm hoping this passes soon.  They kept my due date on May 29th and our next appt. is in 4 weeks.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cameron's 20th Birthday

We celebrated my brother's 20th birthday last week.  We had a small family get-together at my house.  Cameron is 10 years younger than me but so mature for his age.  He is such a hard-worker and always the life of the party.  The boy can come up with the most wittiest comments and will keep you laughing for hours.  I hope you had a great birthday Bud!  I love you very much!

Cameron & Ashley

Chris & Taryn

Cameron telling one of his many stories and Ashley's usual response...ha!

Collin & Charlie

Our Newest Addition

We are so happy that our new pool is finally finished.  We were only able to enjoy it a couple of times before it got too cool, so we'll have to wait until next summer to really break it in.


My nephew, Brock

Jacob and my nephew, Brice


My niece, Jacey

Monday, September 20, 2010

We're Expecting!!

We found out today that Baby #2 is on the way and we couldn't be more excited!!!

This is the shirt Charlie wore to tell our family the big news!

Charlie - 19 months

Today our little man is 19 months old!  Oh how time flies!  Charlie is so energetic and full of life that we can hardly keep up with him.  His new favorite thing to do is playing with his tractors in the dirt outside.  He will spend hours outside until we make him come in.  His vocabulary has increased a whole lot and he can now say three or four word phrases.  Last night I gave him a snack and he replied "But I don't wanna eat it!"  I couldn't believe it when I heard it!  So much in fact, I made him repeat it 3 different times just to make sure I heard him right.  He loves tractors, school buses, "big" trucks, police cars, and fire trucks!  Pretty much anything that's big or has flashing lights, he's amazed by it.  He greets everyone by giving them "five" or "knuckles".  He loves helping me clean house - laundry, sweeping, picking up things off the floor and putting them where they belong - it's awesome!  So glad he's gonna be a neat freak like me. He's growing up so fast - I really wish he'd slow down so we can enjoy this time with him more!

Monday, August 30, 2010

My 30th Birthday

Last Wednesday was my 30th Birthday!  Eeek!  I can't believe I'm already 30!!  I had an absolutely amazing "birthday week".  Yes, I celebrate my birthday for an entire week and I'm lucky enough that everyone in my family plays along!  My mom sent me flowers one day, Josh took me to lunch almost every day, I had a party on Wednesday night with all of our family there, went out to dinner Friday night with my brother and sister-in-law and went to the Train concert on Saturday (awesome by the way - Thanks Ryan and Athena!!)

My Birthday Flowers
Me & C-Man
Me, Josh & Charlie
My Cake
Me & Taryn
Me & Josh at the Train Concert
Our good friends - Athena & Ryan at the Train Concert