Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kaylin Hope - 28 Week Update

We went for my 28 week appt. on 03/07.  We got to hear the heartbeat and everything went well.  I had originally failed my 1-hour glucose test so I was sent for the 3-hour test last week.  I passed and thank goodness I don't have gestational diabetes.  I like cake way too much to have to change my diet! :-)
Pregnancy Highlights:
How Far Along: 28 Weeks
Total Weight Gain/Loss: Gained 23 lbs
Maternity Clothes:  Yes - they are so comfortable!
Gender: It's a GIRL - Kaylin Hope Brown
Movement: Very often - especially at night and after eating
Sleep: Not so good - I have to make several trips to the bathroom at night
Cravings: Anything sweet / Pizza / BBQ
Symptoms: Heartburn like crazy but I'd much rather have that than morning sickness!
 I am now scheduled to go every 2 weeks so I'm very excited!  4 weeks between appt's for re-assurance was a long time!

2nd Birthday Party and Mardi Gras!!

We celebrated Charlie-Man's 2nd Birthday on February 27th at Monkey Joe's in Ocean Springs.  He had a ball and so did everyone else that came!  He received so many gifts and we are so thankful to be surrounded by such wonderful family and friends!

Daddy and Charlie before his party
Daddy and Charlie having fun!
Me and BB
Me and Bud
Crazy Collin!
Sweet Avery, Peyton and Charlie
Athena and Noah
Taryn, Chris and Collin
Charlie loving his new hat from Collin! (My favorite picture!)
Charlie's "girlfriend" Kaylie
Chris, Me, Mom and Bud
Happy 2nd Birthday Little Man!  You are so loved!!

We also went to several Mardi Gras Parade's the past 2 weeks.  Charlie is at such a fun age and he had so much fun!  The pictures speak for themselves:

Charlie and Daddy
Me, C, and Daddy
Charlie giving Ash a high five!
Charlie being silly with Ash and Meme