Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kaylin's 1st Birthday Party

We celebrated Kaylin's 1st Birthday with a pool party.  She slept through almost the entire thing and had to be woken up to eat her cake.  Everyone had a great time and the weather was perfect (besides being a little too windy).  I am so grateful for the wonderful family and friends we have that love our baby girl and came to celebrate with her.  Her birth was a roller coaster of emotions and she has done nothing but thrive and grow.  I can't wait to see what the future holds for her.  She is definitely our little miracle baby!

What she really thought about the cake.........

Beach balls, bubbles, water guns, and goldfish crackers in a bucket for the kiddos!

Happy 1st Birthday Kaylin Hope!!!

Kaylin Hope - 1 year

Our sweet girl turned a year old on April 11th.  The last year has flown by and we enjoy her so much everyday!  She is such a sweet, happy little girl.  She FINALLY started crawling and pulling up a few weeks ago and is all over the place now.  She weighed 19 lbs., 1 oz at her doctor's appt. on 04/17 and the doctor said she is right where she needs to be.  She loves her big brother and he loves her just as much!  They are so sweet together and Charlie is such a big helper to us.  Kaylin continues to sleep all night which is such a blessing (8:00 p.m. - 7:00 a.m.).  We stopped giving her formula and she is on whole milk now.  She is spitting up much less than she ever did on the formula.  She still doesn't have any teeth but she is drooling alot so we are expecting them at any time now.

Kaylin Hope - 11 months old

11 months old

Kaylin and Charlie before church on Easter Sunday

Me and My Baby Girl

Showing her real attitude!